Barty House Nursing Home


Barty’s Inter-generational Chinese New Year!

We had our routine monthly visit from the Diddy Bartlet’s our pre-school children. As time passes the children have become more confident and sociable with the residents, asking to sit up on their laps and interacting playfully together.

This week we all celebrated Chinese New Year, the year of the Pig. The little ones made a smashing job of decorating the cardboard dragon fashioned out of boxes by the activities team for them. It did at one point have coffee cup nostrils with flames of tissue paper, but they soon got knocked off! They also iced piggy biscuits with the residents which actually looked remarkably like little pigs.

You can take the teacher out of the school but not the teacher out of Olive, she loved every moment of sitting with the children teaching them to count.

The morning was rounded off by a rendition of a new and popular book; The Wonky Donkey. It was utterly hilarious and Emily did a fabulous job of reading the amusing and tongue-twisting text. Its a must have, so if you have never read it look it up, all the staff, children and residents loved it. There is also an online video clip of a Scottish granny trying to read it to her young granddaughter that has gone viral as it is so funny, take a peek.