At our 11 homes we provide high-quality residential nursing and care services for elderly people. Everything we do – from our care and menu planning to our activities sessions and surveying residents, families and professional contacts for feedback – is designed to maximise all our residents’ wellbeing and quality of life.

Our ethos of high ethical standards, transparency and an ultra-caring approach to residents and staff, together with our values of Care, Family, Honesty and Commitment, are all firmly embedded within how we support those who are in our care every single day.

Our residents span a broad spectrum of need. Apart from residential and nursing care, we offer palliative/end-of-life and dementia care plus short-term care, as sometimes people need a bit of extra care on a temporary basis without having to commit to a permanent move into a care home. This could be because they need some looking after following a hospital stay, or their usual carers are not available.

Our services reflect the specific and frequently complex needs of our residents, allowing them and their families to feel as comfortable and well looked after as possible. All our staff are highly trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet our residents’ physical, mental and emotional needs, and also to care with expertise and compassion for those whose more advanced symptoms of dementia make their life especially challenging.

Each of our staff has a genuine passion for caring, and this is appreciated by residents and their relatives. Residents’ needs always come first and our staff work hard to look after and keep them safe, while enabling them to live life as they choose.