Moving from the family home into residential or nursing care is a huge life change and one that requires a great deal of careful thought. We have many years’ experience of helping and guiding families through the process and also of providing high-quality, person-centred residential nursing care for adults of all ages.

Who needs nursing care?

Nursing care is usually most suitable for people who have complex, long-term health needs such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, a physical disability that restricts their mobility or a respiratory illness. It could be that they have become increasingly unsafe living alone at home, especially if they are at risk from falls or accidents caused by frailty or forgetfulness.

Or sometimes someone is in hospital and cannot be discharged into their own home for safety reasons, so their relatives have to find nursing home care in a hurry. A short stay in a nursing care home also provides intensive, short-term convalescent care after surgery, illness, a health event such as a stroke or heart attack, a fall or other accident.

If you are experiencing any of these health issues, you may already have had a care needs assessment which indicates that a nursing home would be the best option for you.

Our nursing care

At our home we provide 24-hour care and support for adults of all ages with simple or complex needs. You will receive specialised medical support and treatment for ongoing illnesses from our expert nursing teams. As well as looking after your medical needs, our dedicated care and nursing staff will support you with key aspects of your daily life including personal hygiene, mobility, dressing, taking medication and enjoying hobbies and activities. If you have difficulty in chewing or swallowing, we offer a range of modified food options, and can support any other dietary preferences or requirements.

We have close relationships with local GPs and health teams and will bring in other professionals, as needed, to ensure that all your medical and psychological needs are met. You will be safe, secure and protected from harm in a comfortable and homely environment equipped with all the modern facilities that help make life easier.

Your comfort, freedom of choice and dignity are always at the centre of every aspect of your care. The staff will carefully monitor your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing, and provide person-centred care and support so you can live your best possible life.

Protecting your independence

The need for nursing care doesn’t have to mean the end of your independence. At our home we are all about helping you to maintain your independence so you can live a life that is stimulating, purposeful and enjoyable with high-quality relationships. Our aim is to help every person who lives with us to enjoy as much independence and choice as possible.

The decision about when to get up, how you spend your day and when you go to bed will be yours. You can also decide how much you want to take part in the ready-made social life of the home, and your relatives will be able to visit you whenever you wish. You can enjoy pampering sessions from visiting hairdressers and manicurists, as well as activities and entertainments organised by our wellbeing team. All of this will apply, whether or not you are mobile. So, even if you are in a wheelchair or cared for in bed, you can still participate in all the activities on offer.

Assessing your needs

Unless you already have a care plan you will need to have a care needs assessment to identify what type of help and support would best suit you. You may already have had one to help you manage better at home, but as and when things progress and more care is required, a needs assessment from your local council is the starting point. You will also have to undergo a financial assessment to determine who pays for care and you may qualify for Funded Nursing Care.

Before you come to live at our home we will do our own assessment to help us to understand all your needs and ensure that we can look after you safely. This is called a pre-admission assessment and is carried out by our home manager or senior member of the team, either by telephone or usually in the comfort of your own home, with yourself or someone who knows your care needs well. We use this information to create a care plan that is tailored to your individual requirements. We will develop this with you, and by talking to your family, so that we can get to know you as much as possible before you move in.