Barty House Nursing Home


Barty bird box to help our wildlife

At Barty House we are asking for donations for our garden birds and are thrilled that Helen from our Domestic Team very kindly decorated our Barty Bird Box located in our reception. We’re asking for any donations of birdseed, feeders, suet blocks/balls and coconut shells.(No peanuts please, as contrary to popular belief, these aren’t suitable as they can contain a toxic substance called an aflatoxin which can be fatal for birds).

Helen is a keen volunteer for the RSPB, The British Trust for Ornithology and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. She says, “According to the RSPB’s latest State of Nature Report, most of our British wildlife is declining at an alarming rate. The once commonly seen house sparrow is now considered a red-listed bird. With our bird box we can bring a smile to the faces of our residents while also helping our feathered friends!”

Experiencing nature and connecting with the natural world has been proven to help people’s mental well being and self esteem. Helen adds, “We are very fortunate to have a wide variety of birds from nuthatches to woodpeckers. Many of our residents love to watch the birds that come to feed as this rekindle memories of the wildlife in their own gardens. By providing extra bird feeders and food we are helping the residents to reconnect with the natural world while helping our local wildlife. Any donation, small or large would be perfect!”