Barty House Nursing Home


Barty Home Manager Crochets for Gambian Children

Christmas has come early for the Gambia’s Wullinkamma Aribaja Clinic, thanks to a shipment of donated clothes, toys and medical equipment organised by our own home manager Gabriele Jerome. She’s already hard at work crocheting clothes for the first shipment of 2020!

The clinic, which was set up several years ago by a British couple, helps support orphans who’ve lost parents to malaria and are left to fend for themselves. Many live with extended family in concrete compounds with no running water or electricity. The clinic is a lifeline for the local community, providing baby milk, donated clothing and toys. It also holds vital mother and baby health clinics as well as breakfast clubs and other family support groups.

Gabriele, a life-long crocheter, has been involved since 2017, making blankets, cardigans, babies’ hats – and over 100 dresses a year! She and her friend Sandy Brion fill a large packing crate at least twice a year with clothes and medical items including liquid paracetamol, syringes, needles and dressings. It can take two to three months before the donations arrive at their destination.

The help isn’t just confined to donations of clothes and medical supplies. Gabriele also pays the tuition fees of a young trainee nurse who will eventually carry on with the clinic’s good work.

She says: “The help we offer is very practical, and we know that it goes directly to the people who really need it. I love crocheting, especially when I know the work I’m doing is for such a good cause. Supporting someone to train as a nurse or doctor will reap dividends for the community, as they will play an incredibly important role in years to come.”

Donations of toys, clothes or medical supplies are always welcome – please contact Gabriele on 01622 737025.