Barty House Nursing Home


Meet our lovely resident, Irene

At 102 years old, Irene has seen it all. She worked as a teacher in a special needs unit, had two children and, eventually, two grandchildren. She and her husband wanted to provide a happy childhood for their young family – Irene is a very positive person, so this was not so difficult!

One of Irene’s children, Susan, went to university, and following this travelled across the pond to America to be more heavily involved in cancer research. Irene is very proud of her achievements, but sadly she passed during the pandemic.

Irene’s hobbies include “anything crafty and writing” which she loves to do. Creative activities are her favourites in the home to do, apart from socialising with her fellow residents. Irene gets on with everybody in the home and appreciates lots of chatting and interacting with other residents and the staff!

When Irene reached her 100th birthday, she was unwell in hospital and bad health cast a damper over her 101st as well.  So, earlier this year, to make up for this, she was determined to have a pirate-themed party at the home, which she did! Relatives and staff, including new home manager David Willis on his first day, all joined in on her adventurous fancy dress. For her 103rd birthday next year, Irene would love for the home to throw her an even bigger party. But there is plenty of time to decide what the theme will be!