Barty House Nursing Home


Meet Resident Ron

Ron was born in Walworth, London, in 1931. There were 4 boys originally, but Billy died before I was born, leaving me, Harry and Charlie outnumbered by the girls. The girls were Francis, Jane, Bessie, Irene and the twins, Emily and Rosie. There were lots of very large families like ours then. You don’t see them now. I had a grandfather, a father and a brother called Harry and they all worked at Spitalfields Fruit Market at the same time – that must’ve been confusing!

I was ten when WWII broke out and the skies were full of planes. We used to collect parts of planes when they crashed and store them in the hop huts. We looked for parts with a swastika, but never found one!

Once when we were hopping I met some gypsies and we became friends. They used to call me, “Mooshy,” as I had the same name as one of their boys. One evening it was dinner time and the boys asked if I could stay. There was plenty of food for everyone. It was hedgehog – slow cooked in a clay oven and it tasted just like pork!