Barty House Nursing Home


Never too old to be Special!

Alan & Mary Devoted to one another after 65 years of Marriage

Resident Mary was swathed in love and affection just as she was 65 years ago to the day when she married the love of her life Alan.

Alan being the romantic soul that he is made preparations in advance for the momentous day. He arrived at Barty in the morning ready to make a fuss of his beloved wife Mary. Alan presented Mary with a beautiful bouquet of freesias informing her that they were not real as he wanted her to be able to look at them every day and be reminded of all the wonderful years they have had together so far.

Activities laid a table for two in the conservatory, complete with romantic music and wine for the happy couple to dine together on their anniversary day.

In the afternoon Alan presented Mary with a beautiful cake he had made to celebrate the day marking their 65th wedded year together. He then requested that the cake was to be shared with all the residents and staff for assisting with making the day special for them both.

All you young men take note, this is how to be a true old fashioned romantic. You are never too old to be made to feel special!