At our home, what you do in your daily life is driven by you, so there really is no such thing as a typical day. There is an element of routine, of course, because staff must make sure that each resident gets the care and help they need every day. But you do have a lot of choice about how you spend your time – from how you get up in the morning, to when and where you dine. And we do our best to help you to live your life in the way that you choose.

Your care

When you move into our care home you immediately become part of a close and family-oriented community with round-the-clock access to skilled, experienced and compassionate team who put your dignity, privacy and individual care needs at the heart of everything they do.

Your care plan

Your care plan is a vital document because it tells our staff all about you. It contains every element of your physical, mental and emotional requirements, and all aspect of your life from your personal care to interests and preferred activities. It also covers everything from whether you need help with washing and hygiene, dressing or eating to your favourite foods, what time you prefer to get up and how you like your tea – or whether you like tea at all!

The care plan will be worked out by the home manager or a senior team member together with you, your family, your GP and other health and social care professionals. Ideally this will be done before you move in but if you need to move in quickly, perhaps because of an illness or fall, it will be done as soon as possible.

The care home team will review and update it regularly – at least once a month or as frequently as your needs change, agreeing any adjustments with you or your family.

Helping you to stay as independent as possible and make your own decisions about how you spend your day is at the heart of your personal care plan, and staff at your home will work hard to facilitate that.

Resident of the day 

Every month each resident gets to be our Resident of the Day. It is very special because it is your day and a chance to be pampered, just like another birthday! In the morning our chef asks you to choose what you would like to eat that day and you can also decide on a special activity. This can be something that you do one a 1:1 basis with our care staff or something that others can join in. You might also get a special visit from your family. We always ensure that everyone knows that you are our Resident of the Day, with a notice or even a balloon on your door.

Importantly, too, this is a chance for staff, together with yourself and your family, to review and update your care plan with new information, to ensure that this vital document remains current at all times. If you are living with dementia, you are also weighed with careful attention paid to your levels of nutrition and hydration.

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Residential care

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Your dining experience

Our head chef and catering team produce a variety of delicious, nutritious menus to tickle your tastebuds at breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have any allergies or food intolerances, or if you need a puréed diet, we can, of course, accommodate this. If there’s nothing you fancy on the menu for that particular day, our chef is happy to cook something particular for you or just make you a sandwich if you are not very hungry.

If you get peckish between meals, you can take your pick from an array of healthy and visually tempting sweet and savoury snacks including fresh fruit and home-made cakes, which are also available as puréed versions. These are popular with residents, especially those who prefer to graze throughout the day (and sometimes the night) to meet their nutritional requirements.

A wide selection of unlimited hot and cold drinks, fruit juices and smoothies is also available 24/7.

Generally at set times, mealtimes are generally are often at the centre of a home’s social life and a chance to make new friends. We encourage you to enjoy your meals with other residents in our spacious dining rooms, as it is a great opportunity to socialise with new friends, but if you prefer to dine in your own room, your meals can be served to you there.

We also do our best to ensure that mealtimes are enjoyable, unhurried and relaxing and provide support wherever necessary.