Kent Life

We were blessed by the sunshine! Our trip out to Kent Life – Heritage Farm Park found us awash with beautiful sunshine, we could not have picked a better day... View Article

Barty Baking!

When asked what they would like, Barty residents responded by asking to have their very own kitchen to cook in. The Activities Team often have cookery sessions with the residents,... View Article

Remembrance Service

We would love for you to join us on Sunday 7th October at 2.30pm in Monckton Lounge. Celebrating the lives of all those we have lost over the past year.... View Article

Aylesford Priory Trip

Three ladies of Barty travelled to Aylesford Priory a place of beauty and serenity, where the calm peaceful nature of the surroundings is tangible. We walked in the Peace Garden,... View Article

Kent’s Classic Car Show

Aylesford Priory was the scene of a Classic Car Event on Sunday 9th September the perfect setting for some nostalgia and the hum of old engines still able to turn... View Article

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