Gemini Fashion

We’ve been showing off the fantastic range of clothes from Gemini Fashion with our very own catwalk! The lounge at Barty was transformed into a pop-up shop, displaying their new... View Article

Care Home Open Day!

The Great Barty Bake Off and a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on National Care Home Open Day! “We’re All Mad Here” at Barty House and Saturday’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party... View Article

Royal Wedding Celebrations!

The residents of Barty House took it upon themselves to organise their own event for the Royal Wedding. They set out exactly how they wished to celebrate the day and... View Article

Harry’s Tank Regiment

Harry Sherwood is 96 years old and has recently come to live at Barty House, having left his home in Sittingbourne. Harry was one of seven children and grew up... View Article

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