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Our Manager

At Barty House, we recognise every resident as an individual with unique and personal physical, emotional and social needs, and aim to ensure their best possible quality of life in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

We never forget that this is your home, and you are part of our family, and it is important to us that you feel valued as a member of our home community. Your relatives and friends are also important to us, and part of caring for you is to make sure that they are supported and feel a part of our extended family. ‘Barty Buddies’, our support group for relatives, meets regularly and gets involved with activities around the home.

We’re proud of the warm and welcoming environment here, and our staff are always available for a chat if you or your family want to discuss anything to do with your life here. What is most important is that you feel at home, and that you have the freedom and choice to live your life as you choose to, with the comfort and reassurance of a committed and caring team of staff.

David Willis

Home Manager

"We’re proud to say we have seen many of our residents transformed by coming to live here, given a new lease of life by the level of care they enjoy, and the opportunities to build a new life."

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